Where Fake Cowboys Go to Drink

by Todd Farrell Jr. & the Dirty Birds

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"Not much beats good old Southern rock and Todd Farrell is part of the new breed of Southern rockers that are lighting up ears all over the South. His debut album Where Fake Cowboys Go To Drink is a collection of tunes about heartbreak, loneliness and bad decisions. Yes the subject matter is a constant in music, but Farrell’s lyrics, rowdy guitars and vocal delivery that ranges from smooth & melodic to loud & aggressive (think punk rock) make his tunes stand out. On “Black Lab (Dog Day)” he takes a look at getting older. Friends have settled down, are getting married, starting families and leaving him alone. Touching on the subject of relationships, Ferrell goes about that a bit differently. The song “Take It Slow” details a series of poor relationship decisions leading to thoughts of taking things slow in the future and on “Ain’t My Year” he questions a woman’s choice to be in his life. Heart break is a recurring theme, more so on these three tracks than the rest of the record. “Pocket Full Of Rainchecks” delves into rejection, while “Hey Julie” and “Amanda, I’m Sorry” deal with breaking someone’s heart, one being remorseful, the other not so much. Todd Farrell is a talented singer/songwriter and in an environment where TV shows and media conglomerates mass produce singers like a copy machine, it is refreshing to listen to new original music like his."


released May 29, 2012

All words and music by Todd Farrell. Guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, piano, BS, and other noise performed by Todd Farrell. Engineered and mixed by Todd Farrell. Produced by Todd Farrell. Mastered by Jason Kyle Saitveit. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Arcade Studios, Kingston Springs, TN.



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Todd Farrell Jr. & the Dirty Birds Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Take it Slow
Saturday night's alright for fighting
but Sunday's such a drag
Just reminding and rewriting
so it doesn't sound so bad
This whole town is getting smaller
one less love and one less dollar
it's like every night's another
chance to get it wrong
Another chance to let my friends
let me down again

Sometimes I think I'm like a child
who never really learns
Every time I get close to her
I always just get burned
But tonight, tonight is mine
as they're singing Auld Lang Syne
there's a girl in the bar line
and she's standing all alone
Darling tell me, what's your name?
It might never be the same

Pour another drink
raise a glass to the night
It's all over me
everything will be just fine
I'm too sober to sleep
but I'm too drunk to drive
Girl, take it slow with me
and dance with me a while

Take it slow, take it slow
we ain't got nowhere to go
Take it slow, take it slow
we ain't got nowhere to go

Everyday I'm getting older
forgetting everything I told her
'cause your head's still on my shoulder
and arms around my neck
I think I'll be alright
if you'll just be mine tonight


Take it slow, take it slow
we ain't got nowhere to go
Track Name: Black Lab (Dog Days)
Six weeks
and it's been seven weddings
and it's summer's like these
that I try forgetting
that my youth is waning
and my friends are married
and if they're not
well, they might as well be

Dog days have settled down on me
like a black lag on the floor
ain't no reason to feel down and lonely
I would go outside if I could only crack that door

And I'm not saying
I wanna fall in love
I just wanna feel
like I'm not so stuck
Just wanna call someone
who just might wanna call me back
and hang on my couch
and maybe watch some TV


Six weeks
and I'm starting to wonder
is there an end
to this Indian Summer
but I feel that breeze
so this boredom's ending
but September
feels like doom, impending

Track Name: Pocketful of Rainchecks
It's been a long day of waiting
wishing and wondering
and wasting away
and wondering why
and watching the phone
where it sits on the dresser
to be honest, a wrong number
would probably suffice

I've got a pocketful of rainchecks
a head full of tears
a heart full of aching
a belly full of beer
a fistful of nerves
and an eyeful of fear
pocketful of rainchecks
and a headful of tears

So another day goes by
and another, and another
and another on the way
and another couple nights
'cause I'm a sucker, a sinker
a drag and a drinker
for a girl I don't remember
but still leave on the lights


So I'll wait for reactions
and add up the fractions
'till I run out of distractions
of just how lonely I am
But damnit, I'm not stupid
I'm not outdone and useless
I'm just coming to conclusions
of this waste of my time

Track Name: Ain't My Year
There's a city of lights and ambition
in the heart of Tennessee
for every star, there's a second-rate bar
where the rest of us finish our drinks
There's a hundred six-string slingers
just like there were the night before
any one night, your name's up in lights
and the next you wipe the floor

So baby tell me why
you ended up here
I know this ain't your scene
and you know this ain't my year

There's a place off of 2nd and Broadway
where fake cowboys go to drink
we'll play all night, while they try to hide
their tears while they sing
There's a girl at the back of the bar
smiling at me from against the wall
she's in a song I've written, she's the sweetest little kitten
but I still ain't seen her claws

So baby tell me why
you ended up here
I know this ain't your scene
and you know this ain't my year
So baby tell me why
you still stick around
you know there ain't a lot left
for a guy like me in this town

There's a surplus of neon in Nashville
where the river hits the street
let it light, but don't let it hide
the crime and the concrete
and that girl at the back of the room
smiling at me and my guitar
it gets me by, just to see her eyes
I'm still her undeserving star

Track Name: Hey Julie
After all is said and done
I still feel like you've got something left to say
I know that I was the only one
when it came to taking someone else's name
I know you don't wanna talk to me right now
and I ain't got no good reason to disagree
I only wish you wouldn't take it so hard
and somehow find your way back to your feet

Hey Julie
it doesn't have to be so bad
hey julie

Breaking hearts was never my style
and yours wasn't intended to be the first
I didn't wanna, but my heart kept telling me
I didn't wanna hurt you any worse
We were quite a pair, and we sure had some good times
but sometimes good times just ain't enough
Life on a roller coaster's ups and downs are good for some
but it just ain't the life for us


And I ain't saying that I ain't gonna miss you
Lord knows, it's been killing me too
But it ain't the only thing that He knows, 'cause He knows
that this is for the good of me and you
So baby, go and find your next big adventure
and I'll try and go and find my own
the only way you'll stop feeling so lonely
Is if you believe that you ain't gonna die alone

Track Name: Amanda, I'm Sorry
I'm sorry, Amanda
I didn't know
I was caught somewhere between a lie and a fairy-tale
I'm sorry, Amanda
we were so young
young enough to think that this won't go stale
I'm sorry, Amanda
I didn't know

I'm sorry, Amanda
I haven't thought about this in years
but tonight this city just won't let me sleep
I'm sorry, Amanda
I try not to care
but these scars on my chest are just too deep
I'm sorry, Amanda
I didn't know

your ghost still keeps me up at night
I only wanted to treat you right
and sometimes
I still think about what you said
"remember everything" forever in my head

Is there some sort of redemption
after all our imperfections
or are we all just chasing lights?
Are we doomed for force the same mistakes
over and over
until we get this right?

I'm sorry, Amanda
I didn't know